Some Changes

The Villawire’s days are numbered, AVC’s home page gets a facelift, new squad & contracts pages, and the blog gets moved; but don’t call it a comeback.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary, introducing HexFC, and officially closing the blog

I put this blog on hiatus shortly before Christmas last year with the promise of being back in the new year with a clearer idea for the future. This might not be what anyone thinks of as “the new year”, but here I am and it’s not last year.

I’ve written and re-written this post countless times, but it always degenerates into a verbose, self-indulgent trip down memory lane. That isn’t what I want to do, I’ll try to keep it

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It’s all gone quiet over here

If you’ve been stopping by Aston Villa Central for a while now you would have noticed something amiss this past weekend and may have assumed that I had joined Darren Bent on a quick shopping jaunt.

I had no such luck I’m afraid. I did indeed watch the 2-0 loss at the hands of Liverpool, but for the first time in a few years I hadn’t done any preparation before the game. I didn’t relay the teamsheets before kick off. I

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Site Changes

Hopefully you’ve noticed the new decor and if you’re not using Internet Explorer then all should look pretty much as I intended. Internet Explorer users may notice one or two quirks, but they must be used to that using Internet Explorer. I’ve still got plenty of work to do, so I’ll keep the IE glitches in mind and try to find a fix along the way, but if you are using Internet Explorer and there’s something wrong on

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New Site Feature – The Villa Wire

I’m very pleased to announce the addition of a new feature at Aston Villa Central – The Villa Wire. (Screen shot below).

It’s basically a news aggregator that brings all the latest posts and articles from the various Aston Villa blogs and websites all into one simple page. It also searches out the latest pictures and videos that are tagged as being related to Aston Villa from Flickr and YouTube. There’s even a Twitter section.

I’ll be continuing development

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Big’uns and Little’uns

Some new wallpapers for either end of the screen size spectrum – 320×480 for the iPhone and a massive 2560×1024 to stretch across two monitors.

Some Site Changes

A couple of new additions to the site…. please join me in welcoming The Villa Wire and MON Xfrs.