Hong Kong Soccer 7s: Day one fixtures, results and overview

Written by Dan on May 14, 2011

It’s late, I know, but the Hong Kong Soccer 7’s tournament is kicking off in a little over an hour and I’ve just enough time to bring you up to speed with the fixtures.

The 16 competing teams have been drawn into four groups of four. Each group should contain two local sides and two visiting teams, but Fourway Rangers were included in Group D as a replacement for Etoile FC from Singapore.

Besides Villa, the other visiting teams needing no introduction are Liverpool, Celtic, Rangers, Ajax and Boca Juniors. Yes, the Boca Juniors. Curiously, there is one other foreign team; Eastleigh, a Conference South side from Hampshire. It’s not their first time in the tournament either.

The Ajax team was supposed to include Rodney Sneijder, the younger brother of Wesley, but he was forced to withdraw through injury shortly before the teams travelled.


Group A Group B
Liverpool Boca Juniors
Celtic Rangers
Yau Yee League Select Singapore Cricket Club
Hong Kong U18’s Hong Kong U21’s
Group C Group D
Aston Villa Ajax
Eastleigh Fourway Rangers
HKFC Captain’s Select Kitchee*
Citizen Hong Kong Football Club

*As a point of interest; Kitchee have just been confirmed as champions of the Hong Kong 1st Division and should, therefore, be the fourth team taking part in the Barclays Asia Trophy which is part of our pre-season programme.


Hong Kong 7s 2011 Fixtures – Group Stage May14th
Local UK Team 1

Team 2
09:08 02:08 Kitchee 1 0 Fourway Rangers
09:25 02:25 Ajax 4 0 Hong Kong Football Club
09:42 02:42 Citizen 1 0 Eastleigh
09:59 02:59 Aston Villa 4
HKFC Captain’s Select
10:50 03:50 Kitchee 1 0 Hong Kong Football Club
11:07 04:07 Ajax 1 1 Fourway Rangers
11:24 04:24 Citizen 1 1 HKFC Captain’s Select
11:41 04:41 Aston Villa 3
12:32 05:32 Fourway Rangers 2 1 Hong Kong Football Club
12:49 05:49 Eastleigh 0 1 HKFC Captain’s Select
13:06 06:06 Ajax 1 1 Kitchee
13:23 06:23 Aston Villa 2 0 Citizen
14:40 07:40 Boca Juniors 1 0 Hong Kong u21’s
14:57 07:57 Rangers 1 0 Singapore Cricket Club
15:14 08:14 Liverpool 1 0 Hong Kong u18’s
15:31 08:31 Celtic 2 0 Yau Yee League Select
16:22 09:22 Boca Juniors 1 1 Singapore Cricket Club
16:39 09:39 Rangers 4 0 Hong Kong u21’s
16:56 09:56 Liverpool 3 0 Yau Yee League Select
17:13 10:13 Celtic 2 0 Hong Kong u18’s
18:04 11:04 Hong Kong u21’s 0 0 Singapore Cricket Club
18:21 11:21 Hong Kong u18’s 0 2 Yau Yee League Select
18:38 11:38 Rangers 1 0 Boca Juniors
18:55 11:55 Celtic 0 3 Liverpool

Aston Villa 4 Hong Kong FC Captain’s Select 0

Team: Siegrist, Lichaj, Lowry (Deeney), Hogg, Herd, Forrester (Johnson), Weimann.
Goals: Forrester (2), Weimann (2).

Aston Villa 3 Eastleigh 0

Team: Siegrist, Lichaj, Lowry, Hogg, Herd (Johnson), Forrester, Weimann.
Goals: Forrester (2), Weimann.

Aston Villa 2 Citizen 0

Team: Siegrist, Lichaj, Lowry, Hogg (Herd), Deeney, Johnson, Weimann.
Goals: Weimann, Hogg.

Day Two

To ensure it’s worth everyone’s while taking part, the second day will feature a Cup, Plate and Shield knockout competition.

The two top placed teams in each group will go through to the Cup quarter finals and the losers from that stage will then drop into Shield semi-finals. The bottom two teams in each group will enter the Plate competition.

It looks like we’ve taken one of the stronger squads out to Hong Kong and with ten years of experience in the tournament, we ought to be favourite to retain the title.

The full fixtures for the knockout stage in day two are available here.

Maybe we will end this season with some silverware after all. No pressure though, lads!