It’s Done

Written by Dan on April 16, 2016

According to Netflix I watched Drive in July 2012 and rated it three stars. I may have underrated it; there’s one particular scene that’s stayed with me and it seems especially relevant right now:

Don’t worry. Don’t… don’t worry. That’s it. It’s done. There’s no pain, it’s over, it’s over.

I’m sure others have already compared watching Aston Villa over the last several years to watching a loved one suffering with a terminal illness. As tragic as it is, when they finally succumb, there’s a certain amount of relief. Relief that they’re no longer suffering. Relief that you no longer have to watch them suffer. It’s over. It’s done.

Of course, this analogy falls down in our football club’s case as it hasn’t actually died, much as it might feel like it has. We’re playing again next week; hopefully playing more youngsters now they’ll be free of being associated with this. We’ll be back next season, just in another division. The world will keep spinning, this is not the end.

Ultimately, it’s only football.