Some Changes

Written by Dan on February 16, 2016


I’ve made a few changes to Aston Villa Central recently and I wanted to run through them quickly. (This post itself is one change actually; this is really a test to make sure this type of article doesn’t get pumped out to all the social channels and news sites, but should now go out to the @avfccentral Twitter account).

  • Firstly, you may have noticed on places like Twitter that the site has a new identity. The new logo is monogram combining an ‘A’ (without the horizontal bar) and a ‘V’, wrapped inside a ‘C’, all inside a pair of rings.
  • The Transfer Centre has been split into transfers in & out instead of pure chronological order each season.
  • There’s a brand new squad page which has some useful filters and sorting controls. There’s some more work to be done, but it’s a decent start.
  • There’s also a new contracts page which provides a simple visual guide to how long players are contracted for. Or not as the case might be.
  • And finally, the biggest change, the front page now takes the fine Villa-flavoured sources from the Villawire and places them in a more standard news stream. It’s not designed to refresh with the latest news from every source on the internet every minute, but will hopefully provide a useful digest at various times during the day.


Again, it’s a work in progress, the Villawire will likely disappear at some point, but for now it stays. If you have any particular feedback on this feel free to drop me a line via the contact page.

With the home page now a news page, the old blog posts have been stashed back at Another reason for making this change is it will allow for the ocasional blog post to be published without it making the name Aston Villa Central seem a bit disconnected with the content freshness.

There are a few more developments in the pipeline, but there’s an obvious reluctance when it comes to dedicating much time to anything Aston Villa right now as I’m sure you’ll understand perfectly.