Malaga vs Villa – The Movie

A jazzy video featuring the irritating Peace Cup Theme Tune. Doesn’t matter how many clever editing techniques are used, it’s difficult to make it look like there’s anyone at the game.

John Carew’s look over his shoulder as he walks down the tunnel at the end of video made me chuckle for some reason.

Malaga 1 Villa 0

I’m going to be brief, I’m in a rush to get out.

MON seemed to be thinking along the lines I was when I wrote the preview – throw the senior guys in from the start, the Malaga side have played no more football in pre-season than they had. I picked this up from TV commentary though – apparently Malaga achieved their impressive 8th La Liga finish last season with a fair number of loan players and have been scrambling

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Malaga vs Villa – Preview

Malaga finished 8th in last season’s La Liga, which isn’t a bad achievement considering it was their first season back after a two year spell in the Segunda División. Coincidentally, their stadium, La Rosaleda, has the 8th largest capacity in the Spanish top flight. Not important, but a little factoid for you all the same.

Nestled in the heart of the Costa Del Sol, Malaga enjoy the support of the local ex-pat community, so maybe Villa’s visit will split the loyalties

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