Aston Villa – Peace Cup Champions

It might only be pre-season, it might only be the Peace Cup, but damn it feels good to win something, doesn’t it?! Winning can be a habit and there’s no better time to start this particular habit than in pre-season.

Simply taking part in this tournament would have no great effect on Villa’s season beyond being a good bonding exercise in the sun. But winning it, and winning it in the manner that they did, could well be the

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Aston Villa Win The Peace Cup

Aston Villa have won the 2009 Peace Cup on penalties. A full review to follow.

It may only be pre-season, but it’s great to see some silverware!!!

Aston Villa vs Juventus – Peace Cup Final – Live Blog

This is the first live blog commentary I’ve tried, hopefully it will go well. I’m going to restrict the Twitter updates to major points only.

The first thing I want to correct is the kick off time, apparently the final will be kicking off at 9:00pm GMT not 9:30pm as I had published in the preview. Apologies for that, accurate information has been difficult source throughout the tournament.

I have GolTV on here, they have a pre-game show

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Villa vs Juventus – Preview

Aston Villa will face European giants Juventus in the Peace Cup 2009 Final on Sunday August 2nd in Seville. The game will be held in the 57,619 seat Olympic Stadium which also hosted the opening game between Sevilla and Juventus, attracting 15,000 spectators. If the locals couldn’t be tempted to see their home team play Juventus then I’m not holding my breath about them coming out to see an English team take on the Italians. Real Madrid

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